Vanderbilt Vacation Rentals

Rental Pet Addendum


Tenant's name: * ________________________________________
Tenant's home address:
    Street: * ________________________________________
    City: * ______________________________
    State/Province: * _____
    Zip/postal-code: * _______________
    Country: * _______________
Owner: Peter and Catherine Goodin
Phone 206.852.8991 (cell) or 239.596.4318 (fax)
Rental property: * ________________________________________
Type of pet: * __________
By Owner's acceptance of Tenant's pet as described above Tenant agrees as follows:
  1. A refundable pet deposit of $75 will be paid upon arrival. A signed copy of this addendum must be returned to us at booking for approval.
  2. That this pet shall be walked or exercised on a lead or leash.
  3. That this pet shall be kept, maintained and licensed in accordance with the regulations of the Health Dept. and any and all other municipal bodies.
  4. Tenant agrees to pay IMMEDIATELY for any damage done by said pet(s) to property or person.
  5. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold Owner harmless from any and all claims which may be made against Owner by reason of Owner's permission to keep said pet(s) in Owner's property.
  6. Tenant agrees to remove said pet(s) if excessive noise is unreasonably disturbing others or if pet(s) cause damage to Owner's property.
  7. (If your pet is using Frontline Plus, Sentinel, Advantage, Revolution or a similar product, please let us know. It may mean the home does not have to be defleaed and steam cleaned.) Tenant agrees that the Tenant or Owner's cleaners will have the premises defleaed and steam-cleaned at Tenant's expense upon Tenant's vacating the premises. This expense is over and above the standard cleaning fee required by the basic contract. Either the Tenant can have an independent carpet cleaner do this or it can be done by the Owner's cleaners, in which case $40 will be deducted from the refundable pet deposit. The balance of pet deposit will be refunded when all conditions of this addendum are met.
_____________________________________ ______________________
Tenant Signature Date
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Owner Signature Date
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